Eric E. Rothstein, Esq., Carlin & Rothstein, New York, New York:

I retained Michelle Callan to review my client’s medical records in a very large personal injury case in which the defense was attempting to arguethat my client was heavily intoxicated at the time of his accident and thereforebore significant responsibility for his injuries. I was particularly concernedbecause one of the first documents in the chart was a typed note stating thatmy client was injured when he crossed the street while drunk…. I needed toknow if my client was sober as he had been telling me. Michelle reviewedan extremely large medical record (1000+ pages) in a short period of timeand allayed my concerns when she reported that there was not a singlereference to my client being intoxicated or even having an odor of alcohol onhis breath. The defense subsequently dropped its intoxication claim and thecase settled for a seven figure number. In addition, Michelle returned themedical records to me in wonderfully organized and tabbed notebooks. Iwould not hesitate to recommend Michelle to any attorney needing medicalrecords reviewed and/or guidance with a medical issue.

Patrick J. Maloney, Esq., Dempsey & Dempsey, Buffalo, New York:

I have had the pleasure to work with Michelle personally and to utilizeher services in obtaining experts in medical malpractice cases. Michelle’swork product has always been excellent, thorough and timely and efficientlydone. She has been able to find experts who were qualified, appropriate andnot overly used.

Kenneth W. Knapp, Esq., Abbott, Tills & Knapp, LLC, Hamburg, New York:

It is with pleasure that I comment on my five year professionalrelationship with Michelle Callan. My regret is that I did not utilize herservices before this time. From an economic perspective, she is the bestinvestment that can be made in evaluating medical issues. She is analyticalin assessing the legal, practical and medical issues. Michelle has theunique ability to recommend suitable experts and the ability to locate them.This she does with due diligence. It has been rewarding working with such acompetent person.

Lawrence J. Regan, Esq., Regan & Regan, Buffalo, New York

Dear Michelle: As you know, I have requested and received yourassistance relative to many of my litigation files over the last two years or so.Your assistance has ranged from identifying and locating appropriateexperts for review of potential claims of medical malpractice to medicalreviews and medical research. I have always found your assistance to beinvaluable. Although I have not yet had the need to utilize your services toconduct depositions or legal research, I would not hesitate to seek yourassistance in these areas when and/or if the need arises.

James V. Phiippone, Esq., The Philippone Law Firm, Rochester, New York

It was a pleasure to work with you. Your expertise in legal and medicalmatters greatly enhanced the settlement. Your assistance was invaluable.You helped me to get more focused on the issues. We had a great teameffort.

John E. Ballow, Esq., The Ballow Law Firm, Buffalo, New York

I have had the opportunity to work with Michelle Callan during the pastyear on numerous matters, and I have found her work to be superior to thatof most nurse-paralegals or other nursing personnel that may be utilized inpersonal injury, medical malpractice or other cases. She has assisted me inboth medical malpractice cases, as well as ordinary negligence matters,and she has always done a fine job not only assembling and indexingmedical records but also lending her expertise in evaluating therecords. Having both her nursing and legal degrees undoubtedly will assistyou in evaluating whether or not a particular case has merit and, if so, shecan assist you in the specific area of medicine which the case deals with, aswell as help formulate legal strategies which may give you a distinctadvantage during the pendancy of the case and a greater opportunity for asuccessful outcome. Michelle Callan is either assisting me presently or hasassisted me in the past in cases involving automobile negligence, medicalmalpractice issues involving internal medicine, orthopedics, cancer, fetaldistress, shoulder dystocia and a variety of other medical issues.

James B. Reed, Esq., Ziff Weiermiller Hayden & Mustico, Elmira, New York

I write to once again thank you for your assistance in helping me toorganize, research, analyze and prosecute medical negligence claims onbehalf of my clients. As you know, our combined efforts have resulted inseveral, million dollar plus cases on behalf of my clients. Frankly, I could nothave done it without your able assistance. Witho:.lt fail, you have steered mein the right direction and offered meaningful medical insights that I may havemissed because my medical background is so limited compared to yours.Your assistance has also helped me to ward off the paranoia experiencedby every trial lawyer that wonders, “what have I missed?”

Please keep up the good work.

John V. Bell, Esq., Law Offices of John V. Bell, Oceanside, CA

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle Callan on a wrongful deathmedical malpractice litigation in Rochester, NY. Michelle was extremelyvaluable as part of the team effort in trying the case to jury verdict.I was immensely impressed with her ability to quickly review, highlight,organize and interpret entries in the medical records for the decedent. Hercomprehensive research in the medical research database and support forthe case was invaluable.

I would highly recommend that Michelle be considered on your nextcase as she has a great amount of experience, knowledge and expertiseboth as a nurse and attorney .

Patricia A. Lynn-Ford, Esq., The Lynn Law Firm, Syracuse, New York

This is a letter of reference regarding Attorney Michelle Callan, who hasdone consulting work for us on a number of cases. Ms. Callan is anurse-attorney with excellent experience’ in the personal injury and medicalmalpractice field. She has assisted us in many ways, including review andanalysis of medical records, evaluation of potential medical malpracticecases for merit, and assistance in obtaining expert review in a variety of cases.

Ms. Callan has produced consistent, quality work product for us. Inparticular, her review and analysis of medical records is thorough, accurate,precise, and of invaluable assistance in preparing cases for trial. Ms. Callanis immediately responsive to telephone calls and correspondence, and aconsummate professional in all respects. Thank you

Richard Valentine, Esq, Hamsher & Valentine, Buffalo, New York

This is to extend my sincere appreciation for your services on the manycases on which we have worked together. Your responsiveness to ourneeds has been timely and of the highest professional caliber. The variedtalents which you bring to the table provide a multitude of options forlitigation support, all of which you have delivered with aplomb.

Your comprehensive reports of observations during Defense MedicalExams, and your ability to submit affidavits in response to summaryjudgment motions refuting some of the assertions made by the examiners,has been particularly valuable in a number of cases where the ability todefeat those motions was in doubt.

I would, without hesitation, recommend your services to any attorneycontemplating retaining you. It is always a pleasure doing business withyou.

Linda Marsh, Esq., Ziller Marsh & Lang LLP, Buffalo, New York

We want to express our appreciation for the valuable assistance you haveprovided in reviewing complicated cases; providing impeccable researchand analysis; drafting motions, briefs, and medical indexes and summaries;locating, conferring with and providing disclosure on expert witnesses anddoing all of these tasks, usually on short deadlines, with efficiency andaplomb. We cannot say enough good things about you, your superiorabilities, and the invaluable assistance you have provided to us and ourclients. We look forward to many more years of working with you.