Michelle L. Callan
Rochester, New York 14617

When Experience Counts

  • Over 37 years combined Medical-Legal Experience
  • Licensed to Practice Law in New York and Massachusetts


A Nurse-Attorney is a professional who has dual credentials in law and nursing.
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I have spent my entire professional career, both as a nurse and an attorney, as an advocate for quality medical care.

My background as a nurse-attorney allows me to bring an extra dimension to the investigation and prosecution of your cases. I understand the medical issues involved as well as the applicable standards of care. I am also able to interpret and explain both the medical terminology and the particular medical principles involved in each case. Because my expertise is based upon clinical experience, as well as my nursing education, I have an insight into the realities of the practice of medicine that most attorneys do not have. Since I am also a lawyer, I have knowledge and appreciation of the applicable law and legal issues involved in the case. My assistance with your case will take into consideration, not only the standard of practice in medicine, but also the important issues of legal proof.

You want the very best for your clients and I can help you accomplish that goal.